Open Innovation

The change in economic processes mainly due to globalisation has forced a reformulation of the traditional concept of innovation through the paradigm of ‘OPEN INNOVATION, a set of innovative tools and strategies to address the current market.

Carrying out Open Innovation within your company means innovating your business model, products and services, business processes and technologies.

The crucial point of the new perspective is the targeted and intelligent use of external resources, professionals-companies-startup-research centers, to be integrated with internal resources and consequently the acquisition of new communication and collaboration tools, the Open Innovation platforms.

Websin aims to support SME companies in the innovation process with the tools of Open Innovation, assisting them in the analysis of needs and activating the most suitable platforms for research actions targeted to the needs of the company itself.

Our expertise allows us to perform the following activities on Open Innovation platforms:

  • Community development on specific Open Innovation platforms
  • Identification and involvement in the community of other entities (companies, public and private research entities, startups)
  • Search for Technology Partners on business projects
  • Sharing of technological skills
  • Exhibition of own projects
  • Consultation and monitoring of activities and discussions, directing them towards proposals or concrete projects

We carry out this activity through a team made up of several facilitators who work on the platforms and actively accompany innovative companies and startups involved in the development of ecosystems on the identified issues.


In particular, the Lombardy Region has promoted a collaborative tool (an OI platform ) with the aim of encouraging and supporting the development of open innovation ecosystems to respond to the strategic challenges for the growth and competitiveness of our region, offering the opportunity to share challenging strategic objectives, collaborate in the definition of projects, share knowledge and facilitate evolution and development.

Websin was one of the companies selected to carry out within the OI platform of the Lombardy Region activities of CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNITY.

In this context, he initiated and coordinated the Iot Smart Living Technologies community linked to Iot (Internet of Things) technology and can be placed in the sector “Smart Cities and communities or more generally in the field of “Smart living”.

The Community discusses technologies and projects of Environmental Sustainability and Healthcare, and the animation of the community is fertile ground for new design ideas, technological suggestions, search for partners in a synergic exchange between participants.