TPRO.SL : Tech Profiles for Smart Living

La Tecnologia si fonde con il Design

The Project

Websin, in collaboration with the University of Pavia and MTP furniture, Architecture and Design company of Pavese, presents TPRO.SL – Tech Profiles for Smart Living, an innovative project in which Wireless sensors, Iot technology and design furniture solutions come together in a perfect combination.

Everything is decor

Our vision of Smart Living is realized through the integration of sensors in home and work environments in order to improve the quality of our lives. Invisible sensors, mounted in profiles and walls, constantly monitor the surrounding spaces, studying the habits of those who occupy them and learn how to change the environmental conditions to promote our well-being.

Digital control of Environments

The heart of the project is the Smart Living Touch-Table (Ttab.SL), a technological and versatile design object that looks like a simple table for home and professional use that turns out to be a futuristic table with integrated touch screen able to control environments through artificial intelligence algorithms aimed at learn and predict our “living the spaces”.

The smart Grid

The technology becomes visually transparent and interactive, enhances the existing architectural and furnishing elements and allows the adoption of energy saving strategies, based on accurate analysis of user habits, that allow an optimization of energy consumption.

TPRO.SL is funded by Regione Lombardia (Project ID: 379384, year of approval 2017) within the Smartliving sector.