Software & App Development

Web-based applications are now a concrete tool in the ITC world and can be used with any system and peripheral, allowing complete integration according to any need.

Thanks to the web-applications it is possible to securely access all the information without necessarily being present in the workplace, allowing a total globalization of data. It will then be possible to access the information shared simply thanks to an Internet or Intranet connection.

Thanks to this new technology no particular software is needed, in fact the architecture/power of the client passes in second place and the entire workload and processing is managed by the central server. This aspect should not be underestimated since it is no longer essential to keep every single PC updated with the installation of the single program.

With regard to this philosophy they are able to propose various solutions such as:

  • Management applications
  • Applications of statistics
  • IOS and Android app development
  • E-commerce and online sales projects
  • CRM
  • Internet sites & CMS