Social Network & Digital Strategies

The digital activities proposed by WEBSIN are aimed at optimising and implementing digital visibility using social tools and digital marketing strategies in a national and transnational perspective with the aim of offering its services on new global markets.

Digital marketing includes all the marketing activities conducted by a company with the use of digital channels to create an integrated, personalized and interactive communication able to help the company to develop and retain its customer base.

Digital and Social Media Marketing activities

Brand analisy & strategy
Post posting activity on social accounts (FB/Lnk/In)
Activities preparatory to the action of Community
Creation of the structured editorial plan;
Creation of sponsored plans
Promotion campaigns on the main search engines and/or marketplaces

Web & Seo Activity

  • Analysis of the market situation/competitor and strategy development
  • Activity management and SEO FRIENDLY texts for search engine positioning
  • Monitoring activities for search engine positioning
  • Mobile engine with fast contacts (Whatsapp, Mail, Social)
  • Google and Bing indexing
  • Blog creation and management